Our Story

Rumi Gems CEO and founder Ahmad Mishal is dedicated to helping people heal and bring out the true beauty that's inside all of us.
Rumi Gems was launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic era, Ahmad seen how the entire world was devastated and depressed. He saw the need of healing, that's when he stared by healing himself, he chose the path of love and healing, so he stared his journey, and on the way, he came across many
healers, spiritual teachers, poets on the internet. He came across a Mystical Poet like no other, his name Rumi, for the ones that don't know who he is, Rumi a 13th-century Persian poet, Hanafi faqih, scholar Rumi is often called a mystic, a saint, an enlightened man, Rumi has helped the spiritual journeys of
other celebrities—Madonna, Tilda Swinton—some of whom similarly incorporated his work into theirs.
Ahmad fell in love with Rumi's Poetry, he was amazed on how Rumi's teachings had a great positive impact on him, it gave him a bigger understanding and different perception on life and what love truly means as love alone was able to heal him.

And that's how Ahmad was inspired to come up with the name the company Rumi Gems, Ahmad believes in the power of love and Rumi means Love.
Along the way of Ahmad's journey of healing, he started reading about Crystals and Gemstones and their ability to help with balancing, healing and manifesting desires in our lives. Ahmad started Healing and bettering himself with crystals and gemstones therapy and seen the true power that these stones have,
Ahmad wanted the whole world to experience what he experienced, so he combined his love of gemstones with his love of jewelry making and started designing unique silver and gemstones art.
Started this business when he was at his lowest point in life, heartbroken, lost, and depressed.
Ahmad realized that in order to try to heal the world, he must heal himself first
In a look back on that hot day, there was something tender within me more than
our lives that we recognize a feeling in the guts. We should listen to it. I find it releasing, therefor this jewelry he creates resembles love and healing.