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Agate And Ruby Natural Stone 925 Sterling Silver Women's Ring (Exclusive Custom Design)

Agate And Ruby Natural Stone 925 Sterling Silver Women's Ring (Exclusive Custom Design)

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100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product
Handmade ~ Custom Design ~ 925 Silver

Size: 6.5-7


Stock code: RG304

Stone Type: Jasper/Ruby

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color: Gold

Certificate Status: Manufacturer Certified

Delivery Information: Shipping Within 2-3 Business Days




Glazed king of stones, Immortal Stone, and Yemen Stone have found fame. Agate has been used as ornaments, jewelery and sometimes as a protective factor against negative energies since ancient times. It has an appearance consisting of rings of various colors around a center. It is hard and its colored parts have a structure that transmits light.

It got its name from the Achates River in Sicily. The stones, which are known as Agat and Akit, are mixed colors of red, gray, white, blue, brown and green. Our Prophet used an agate stone ring as a seal. Some call the agate stone the Fire Stone or the Traveler Stone.

Caferi Sadik said: Wearing an agate ring is a blessing, the fate of the person who wears an agate ring will be good and beneficial. Wearing an agate ring destroys poverty, sloth and discord. Agate ensures the safety of people on the journey, the agate wearer does not see misery and the end of their work will be good.

Properties of Agate Stone

The use of agate stone, which has countless benefits, is especially common in Islamic countries. It is narrated that our Prophet Muhammad (saas) also wore an agate ring, meaning hatem, that is, a seal. The most well-known benefit of agate stone is that it protects the person spiritually. This stone, which has a powerful energy, reduces tension and stress and minimizes the incompatibility of the person. It helps the person to adapt to the environment and people by socializing them. At the same time, it helps to achieve worldly success and removes the person from feeling tired and exhausted. In addition, it is believed that it reduces pain and is good for the skin and bones.


Ruby is the most precious stone after diamond. Ruby is a gemstone with a melting point of 2050 °C. It can be in various shades of red. It is the chromium element that gives the red color to the ruby. The hardness of ruby ​​is 9.0. It is the hardest stone after diamond. One of the precious stones with its beauty and hardness, the ruby ​​is called the 'Lord of Precious Stones' in India. It is produced in America and Europe. India and Southeast Asia are the homeland of Yakut.

Properties of Ruby Stone

It is believed that ruby ​​has a revitalizing effect on blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, frees people from limitations, and causes them to think about other people more than themselves. It is also thought to increase the feelings of spiritual development, courage, leadership and happiness.

Note Each product may differ as natural stone. Each is found uniquely in nature.

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