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Amethyst And Malachite Natural Stone Leaf Silver Ring Size 6

Amethyst And Malachite Natural Stone Leaf Silver Ring Size 6

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100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product
Handmade ~ Custom Design ~ 925 Silver

Stock code: RG495

Stone Type: Amethyst And Malachite 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color: gold

Certificate Status: Manufacturer Certified

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Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral. It is part of the monolithic crystal system and has a silky luster. Malachite is often used as an ore of copper. It has an opaque transparency and sometimes has a patterned surface. Malachite is a rich shade of green and its meaning is transformation and positive change.

Malachite Properties 

This powerful gemstone aligns its vibrations with the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Malachite encourages the wearer to take risks and teaches to take responsibility for one's thoughts, actions, and feelings. It balances mood swings, heals cramps, alleviates menstrual disorders, and boosts the immune system


Amethyst, which has been used by many civilizations for centuries and has preserved its value until today, has been one of the most popular precious stones in almost every period. In various cultures, it is defined as "purple ruby", "purple najaf" and sometimes as "love stone".

Like all precious stones, it is used in the making of jewellery, ornaments and ornaments, and in carving. In jewelry and jewellery, dark purple Amethyst, which is believed to give healing and positive energy, stands out.

Due to the strong energy it gives in contact with the skin and the unique colors of the stone, it is a stone widely used in rosary making. Its invigorating effect, awakening positive thoughts and refreshing the body's energy make rosaries made of amethyst stone preferable. Not only in its contact with the body, but also in the positive energy that the stone radiates to the environment it is in, the rosaries made of this amethyst stone are in great demand.

Amethyst Stone Properties

It collects excess electricity in the body and provides an increase in brain power. It is recommended to be used by people with depression or people who are prone to depression.

Note:  Each product may differ as natural stone. Each is found uniquely in nature.

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