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Aquamarine Natural Stone 925 Silver Bracelet

Aquamarine Natural Stone 925 Silver Bracelet

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Aquamarine Natural Stone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Stock code RG4131
Stone Type: Aquamarine
925 Sterling Silver
Mineral Color: Gold
Certificate Status Manufacturer Certified
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Aquamarine from natural stones; It means "sea water" in Latin and is a transparent mineral belonging to the beryl group. Aquamarine, which is available in light blue or bluish green colors, is very popularly used in jewelry making. Quality Aquamarine crystals are very popular with collectors. It has also come to the fore with its Aquamarine Properties and properties. .

Properties of Aquamarine Stone

According to legend, aquamarine is in the treasure of mermaids and has been the stone of sailors for years, as they thought it would protect them on the water and bring them luck. Aquamarine Strengthens personal expression; It helps not to be stuck with problems, relaxes the nerves, and strengthens the spine. It is said to help with respiratory ailments, sore throats, asthma, bronchitis and thyroid gland disorders.

Note:  Each product may differ as natural stone. Each is found uniquely in nature.

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