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Coral And Turquoise Natural Stone 925 Silver Ring (Exclusive Custom Design)

Coral And Turquoise Natural Stone 925 Silver Ring (Exclusive Custom Design)

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100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product

Handmade ~ Custom Design ~ 925 Silver

Ring Size:  11

Stock code: RG451

Stone Type: Coral And Turquoise

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color: Gold

Certificate Status: Manufacturer Certified

Delivery Information: Shipping Within 2-3 Business Days


Turquoise (Turquoise)

Turquoise is mostly known by the name Firuze in our country, and it is frequently used in our culture, especially in jewelry making, with its range ranging from dark blue to green. The Turks really contributed to the recognition of this stone in the world, and its name comes from the word Turk. Europeans met with Turquoise when those returning from the Crusades brought the stone with them as a gift. For this reason, the French gave the stone the name Turquoise, which means Turkish Blue. One of the stones mentioned in the Bible is Turquoise.

Properties of Turquoise (Turquoise) Stone

It is believed that turquoise improves and changes healing abilities according to its owner. However, the most important effect of the stone is that it is friendly to the respiratory tract and lungs. It is also known to be good for painful areas in the head area. It is among the listed properties of the stone that it is beneficial to bring Turquoise closer to sore throat and relieve ear pain. However, many people who have experienced the properties of Turquoise state that it is one-to-one for headaches.


It is a type of stone found in nature in almost every color of the rainbow. For this reason, it has been called the rainbow stone in various sources. But the most commonly used shades are red and green. According to Egyptian legends, Tourmaline stone was transported from the center of the earth to the world by means of a rainbow.

Properties of Tourmaline Stone

tourmaline; It balances the hormonal system and gives sleep. It is believed to strengthen the mind and body, provide sensitivity and sensitivity, and increase understanding. It increases concentration and intuitive powers. It is a stone with positive and negative poles.

In mysticism, Tourmaline is used as a symbol of harmony and balance. According to belief, Tourmaline provides spiritual peace and peace with oneself and regulates the nervous system. Many mystical properties are also associated with this stone. It is believed that Pink Tourmaline enchants the balance of women, and Green Tourmaline enchants the balance of men. According to another belief; Those who use any color of tourmaline stone will not be harmed by evil eye, they will be away from danger and their luck will be clear.

Note:  Each product may differ as natural stone. Each is found uniquely in nature.

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