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Hamsa Hand Zircon 925 Silver Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Zircon 925 Silver Bracelet

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100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product

Handmade ~ Custom Design ~ 925 Silver

Stone Type: Zircon

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color: gold

Certificate Status: Manufacturer Certified

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Zircon is a stone found in many colors, including dark red, orange, purple, yellow, brown, blue and transparent in nature. Today, blue and transparent types are most in demand. The blue and green colored ones are also called "starlight" Zircon, while the yellowish and transparent ones are called "jargon". Zircon is a stone that is often mixed with diamonds and diamonds, and is often used in the jewelry industry for this reason. Its ability to refract light, its brightness is similar to diamond, but its abundance of reserves makes Zircon a good alternative to Diamond and Diamond.

Since zircon is a particularly good appetizer, it can also be used by people suffering from weakness.

Note:  Each product may differ as natural stone. Each is found uniquely in nature.


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