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Rumi Gems

Ruby and Emerald Natural Stone Silver Earrings ~Handcrafted~

Ruby and Emerald Natural Stone Silver Earrings ~Handcrafted~

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Handcrafted by Rumi Gems Artisan

Only 1 made 

100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product

Stock code:                       RG1006

Stone Type:                       Ruby and Emerald

Material:                            925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color:                    Gold

Certificate Status:              Manufacturer Certified

Delivery Information:        Shipping Within 2-3 Business Days

Ruby  is the most precious stone after diamond. Ruby is a gemstone with a melting point of 2050 °C. It can be in various shades of red. It is the chromium element that gives the ruby ​​its red color. The hardness of ruby ​​is 9.0. It is the hardest stone after diamond. One of the precious stones with its beauty and hardness, the ruby ​​is called the "Lord of Precious Stones" in India. It is produced in America and Europe. India and Southeast Asia are the homeland of Yakut.

Properties of Ruby Stone It is believed that ruby ​​has a rejuvenating effect on blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, frees the person from his limitations, and causes him to think about other people more than himself. It is also thought to increase the feelings of spiritual development, courage, leadership and happiness.



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