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Tourmaline and Serpentine Natural Stone Silver Earrings

Tourmaline and Serpentine Natural Stone Silver Earrings

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 Handcrafted Tourmaline and Serpentine Natural Stone Silver Earrings

Handcrafted by Rumi Gems Artisans  

Only 1 made 

100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product

Stock code: RG1005

Stone Type: Tourmaline and Serpentine

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mineral Color: gold

Certificate Status: Manufacturer Certified

Delivery Information: Shipping Within 2-3 Business Days

Tourmaline It is a type of stone found in nature in almost every color of the rainbow. For this reason, it has been called the rainbow stone in various sources. But the most commonly used shades are red and green. According to Egyptian legends, Tourmaline stone was transported from the center of the earth to the world by means of a rainbow.

Properties of Tourmaline Stone tourmaline: It is believed to strengthen the mind, provide sensitivity and sensitivity, and increase understanding. It increases concentration and intuitive powers. It is a stone with positive and negative poles. In mysticism, Tourmaline is used as a symbol of harmony and balance. According to belief, Tourmaline provides spiritual peace and peace with one's self. Many mystical properties are also associated with this stone. It is believed that Pink Tourmaline enchants the balance of women, and Green Tourmaline enchants the balance of men. According to another belief; Those who use any color of the tourmaline stone will not be harmed by the evil eye, they will be far from danger and their luck will be clear.
Serpentine: Is a group of stones formed by the metamorphosis of minerals, which have many types with different colors and crystal structures. It takes its name from its slippery appearance with its snake skin-like color and pattern. "Serpent" in Latin means snake. It is also known as Snake Stone in Turkish. Its appearance is spotted or striped. There are about 20 types of snake stone. It is abundant in nature. Also known as New Jade, Serpentine has various colors when its subspecies are taken into account: Green , red, brownish red, brownish yellow, White, Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Variegated… As some of the green ones are similar to Jad in terms of color and transparency, and the lighter colored ones are Zeberced, they are offered to the market as Jade or Zeberced.
Serpentine: It is one of the rocks that have changed with the underground hot waters, which are very abundant in nature. Its hardness is variable. It is defined as Hydrous Magnesium Silicate. It does not have a crystal form. It has the appearance of amorphous, granular and coarse-structured rock.
Properties of Serpentine Stone:  It has been used since ancient times to ward off diseases and spells. It is used as an antidote for insect stings such as scorpion, snake and bee, both for protection and cleaning. It helps in attaining inner peace. It provides tranquility. It stabilizes mood swings and emotions. Develops the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully. It should be used in direct contact with the body. It helps in the treatment of kidney diseases. It is effective in the treatment of stomach problems. Relieves muscle cramps and pain. It reduces menstrual pain.


100% Natural Stone / 925 Silver / Certified Product

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